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3S Fluid Science

3S Fluid Science is a part owned subsidiary of Fluid Science Dynamics Singapore (Pte) Ltd and is located in Aberdeen, United Kingdom in the heart of the birth place of so many innovations in the energy industry.

Founded to provide high end technology solutions to the energy and other industries, we have specialist knowledge, solutions and products targeted towards rotating machinery, liquid and gas handling, process control, downhole fluid control and general machinery control and automation. 

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  • Oil and Gas Upstream to Downstream
  • Subsea, Marine and Diving
  • Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Automotive, Agricultural and General



Our experience is arguably our greatest strength. It was born out of a wealth of exposure to various markets and sectors throughout industry.  

Our diverse experience allows us to operate in a wide variety of environments, geo-regions, markets and applications.

  • High Pressure Gas and Liquid Systems
  • Complex Automated Test Systems
  • Gas Conditioning Panels and Systems
  • Dry Gas Seal Test Systems
  • Automated Diving Control Systems
  • Mission Critical Electronic Controls
  • Embedded Electronic Control Systems
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Design and Validation

We use the best and latest 3D design validation and simulation tools to ensure our designs are efficient, safe and effective before we commit to final manufacture.

  • Linear and Non Linear Complex FEA
  • Fluid Flow and Thermal CFD Simulation
  • Dynamic and Transient Analysis
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Prototype and Development

Our In-house prototype and development toolroom machine shop allows us to utilise CNC manufacturing strategies for both product development and specialist manufacture of critical elements in our products.

  • CNC Multi Axis Milling, CNC Turning
  • Offline CAD/CAM Programming
  • In-house Micro Laser Welding
  • Workshop Assembly and Test
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Electrical Control Systems

We can provide conventional electrical control systems on a vast range of complexities from simple systems to complex widely distributed systems.  

  • PLC Based Control Systems and SCADA
  • Distributed Network Control Systems
  • Electrical Control Equipment
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Mission Critical Electronics and Software

For a wide variety of applications we are able to design, simulate and manufacture critical embedded electronic systems. From high temperature applications in oil wells to topside process control applications, we can help.

  • Multi Device Networked Electronics
  • Embedded Networked Control Software
  • In-house PCB Design and Simulation
  • In-house PCB Population and Testing
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Electrically Driven Gas Conditioning Boosters

Gas Boosters and Complete Standalone Gas Booster sub-modules for new installation or upgrade retro-fits. The best alternative to older conventional Gas Booster systems.

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Dry Gas Seal Assembly Test and Supply

Our Dry Gas Seal Test Rig allows us to test Gas Seals to 20,000 rpm, 250 bar and up to 280 mm shaft sizes. Fully automated and capable of performing pre-defined test programmes, our testing is among the best in the world

  • Automated Test Programmes
  • Polynomial Non-Linear Speed Profiles
  • Full Test Reporting and Monitoring
  • Remote Witness Testing Facilities
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Downhole Chemical Injection

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Please contact our downhole technical sales and support team for details on our downhole chemical injection products and services.