Industries We Serve 

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, On-shore/Offshore Oil & Gas Treatment Plants, Gas Pipeline and Power Generation

FSD Singapore and the Joint Ventures provide a complete integrated solutions and services in the areas of Turbomachinery and High-End Pumps,

Gas Compressors, Mechanical Drive Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines, Engineered API Pumps, ASME Grades Vessels and Turbomachinery

Control and Monitoring Systems.  

Our Services include

Gas Compressors, Mechanical Drive Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines and Electrical Motors – New Units, Re-rate and Repair

High End Pumps 

ASME Certified Vessels

FSD Singapore has a growing team of highly dedicated Turbomachinery, Mechanical/Machinery, Control and Process engineers, with wealth of hands-on practical experience of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, On-shore/Offshore Oil & Gas Treatment Plants, Gas Pipeline and Power Generation.

With more than 25 years in the oil&gas industries, FSD together with NEW JCM (Compressors and Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines) , Hangzhou Dalu (API Process Pumps) Harbin Zorya (Gas Turbines) and Jiangshu Minsheng Metallurgical and Chemical Equipment (ASME Grades Pressure Vessel) have formed Joint-Ventures/partnerships to serve our clients.

Our reputation has been built upon many of the successfully projects, develops and maintains a long term relationships with our client and managing even the most complex engagements for our clients, offering a broad range of integrated services across the asset lifecycle. Today, as always, we are focused on safely delivering innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions to our diverse base of customers.



New JCM has earned a reputation for providing innovative Turbomachinery solutions, unmatched expertise, and Best-In-Class service to the Turbomachinery market place.

A convergence of technologies and experience from the from the trusted names in Turbomachinery solutions through our >50 years of servicing and reverse engineering of the best names in the turbomachinery worlds.

We have been on the cutting edge technological advancement and consistently providing advanced and pratical technologies in aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, process solutions and metallurgy.

We understand that change is essential in achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage in todays’ challenging oil & gas and Petrochemical industries.

Together with our customers, suppliers and technology partners, we continue to innovate, improve, and expand our portfolios and services that serve our customers better.


Mr. Fei is Professorate Engineering Expert in Turbo Machineries, Mr. Fei is pioneer in the China compressor industry. He was the Deputy Chairman of JCM Group. He has > 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of centrifugal compressors and Steam Turbine.

In 1996, Mr. Fei instrumented the Technical Collaboration with MHI Japan to design and manufacture compressors and Steam Turbines In China.

Mr. Fei led and supervised the JCM/MHI teams in the design of J4V-9 and 4V-8S compressor with MHI technology

In 2000, Mr. Fei led a team to design the China largest and very first 450 Kt/y PX unit
MHI 7V-4 compressor.

Mr. Fei currently is chairman of the New JCM and with his leadership, New JCM won the world largest Methanol Project in China with 16 compressors using New JCM very own technologies.

Mr. Fei is the recipient of the China Liaoning Science Improvement Prize awarded by the
state council





NEW JCM provides leading complete Turbomachinery solutions, your application is too important, too critical, not to have the best available technology on your side.

Many New JCM engineers have earned their Ph.D and M.S degrees in their of expertise and are active participants in the development of China Industry standards.


New JCM expansion plan

NewJCM expansion plan (A USD 16 million dollars investment) that will provide NEWjcm with capabilities. An additional of 12990 square floor areas that will include a new test bay that can perform the complete package testing. (compressor a& steam turbine). This is the only test capability available in China.

This is indeed an added value to our customers in China and oversea.

The expansion also includes new machining capacities that will enhance our manufacturing and production capacities.

The expansion project will be completed in 2012.


NEW JCM employed state-of-art production techniques that minimize cycle time and costs while providing our customers with the most competitive and reliable products The advanced manufacturing capabilities include machining center for casing machining, rotor machining center and diaphragm center.


Our recent modernized and expanded facilities enable us to perform AP617 mechanical integrity test and ASME PTC-10 Class II performance test on our compressors.

NEW JCM is only company in China to perform STRING TEST of steam turbine and compressors together, we can test out compressor train at full load up to 25 mV. It includes a range of performance testing devices, cooling towers, and a central control room. In addition to rotation and performance testing of individual compressors, it can also perform string tests in which the compressor and mechanical drive steam turbine are connected and operated at the same time.

All our product undergoes stringent testing at every stage of the design and manufacturing process, we employ state-of-the-art techniques and experience professionals to confirm specifications and find new opportunities to improve.


Revamping of 3 x MHI LP/HP Gas Compressor Trains at Qadipur

Oil& Gas Development Company (Pakistan)