About Fluid Science Dynamics

Fluid Science Dynamics is an independent engineering consultancy which provides turbo machinery products and services to the oil and gas industry.

In China, Fluid Science Dynamics operates a joint venture with New JCM Compressor Manufacturer in Jinzhou City, Liaoning province, which specialises in process gas compressors and steam turbines.

Fluid Science Dynamics and New JCM are working with Harbin 703/Zorya to provide mechanical drive gas turbines for process gas compressors. New JCM designs and manufactures compressors and steam turbines at the same factory under a single consistent control system to ensure product quality and delivery at the highest level.

New JCM performs vital String tests for compressors and steam turbines at our state-of-the-art test centre — the only one available in China — where all our compressors are tested to API 617 standards and steam turbines are tested according to API 612 standards. We also carry out performance tests for compressor packages to ASME PTC-10 Class II standards.

In Tianjin City, Fluid Science Dynamics operates an advanced manufacturing, testing and service centre for dry gas seals under Nebot Fluid Science Dynamics (Tianjin) Co. Ltd covering dry gas seal control, seal gas conditioning and monitoring systems. We have tied up with Tianjin University to undertake Research & Development (R&D) of advanced gas seal technology using state-of-the-art computerised fluid dynamics (CFD) to enhance the performance and reliability of gas seals.

Fluid Science Dynamics together with Tianjin University also researches and develops advanced spiral groove patterns through rigorous study using CFD and advanced test methods in the university’s laboratory. Our team in Tianjin has refurbished and upgraded more than 1,000 gas seals from various heritage brands using our very own spiral groove technology.

Fluid Science Dynamic has a growing team of dedicated process, mechanical, machinery, controls and software development engineers with a wealth of hands-on practical experience in turbo-machinery and mission critical components such as hydrodynamic bearings, gas seals and high-performance power transmission couplings.

Your application is too important and too critical not to have the best team on your side. You can expect unbeatable performance and reliable operation from the Fluid Science Dynamics team. Fluid Science Dynamics together with New JCM and NEBOT have user-friendly technologies that are engineered to help make your process safer and more efficient. We rigorously test our products to ensure maximum cycle life and reliable performance under extreme conditions.


compressors and mechanical drive steam turbine packages
for petrochemical plants.

Fluid Science Dynamics and NEWJCM China are Joint venture partner in providing turnkey compression solutions for the oil, gas, power and petrochemical industrial.


compressors and mechanical drive gas turbine packages for
natural gas plants

This has been successfully installed for Pakistan Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) with centrifugal compressor gas conveying the ASME PTC10-2 performance test, and certified by SGS.

Compressors and steam turbine turnkey projects

We offer total care solutions across all OEMs


Combination Of Engineering Solutions,
Quality Machinery And Services

We Provide field-service support for installations, start-up and technical training.


high duty critical pumps

We provide mission-critical pumps in urea & ammonia plants; Lean-solution pumps, semi-lean solution with hydraulic turbines, High pressure ammonia pumps and high carbamate pumps – Also high pressure/temperature boiler feed water pumps for power plants.