MHI Syngas Compressor train – compressors
And Mech. Drive Steam Turbine in NJM Workshop for upgradation and re-aero.

Revamp Solutions from NEW JCM:

• A unique service partnership with original OEMs

• Outstanding experience in revamping all types of turbo machinery

• Unique knowledge of the entire train history with OEM equipment (decades of data-based experience)

• Adapting the turbo machinery to new challenges (better materials, design and manufacturing that will enhance the performance)

MHI Syngas Train completely revamped and re-aero. The project was EPC by Wuhan Design Institute for a Urea/NH3 plant in Asia
Flowrate increased by 11% with efficiency increased by 1.2%. Bearings were redesigned with NJM Bearing Technology, Dry Gas Seal and Control System by NEBOT Fluid Science Dynamics.