NEBOT FSD is the PEOPLE you can count on, from

When you choose NEBOT FSD, you get a team of passionate Compressor Dry gas Seal Specialists working for you.

At NEBOT FSD, you get more than just another product or service off the shelf – You get >50 years of Compressor Dry Gas Seal application experience, technology that derived from many heritage names that’s relied on a team of product and service specialist tasked with maximizing of your operations.


NEBOT FSD working with NEW JCM providing the industry most comprehensive capabilities in the compressor-shaft-line-solutions, Concerning Dry Gas Seals/Control Systems, Hydro Dynamic Bearing and High performance, Power transmission coupling.

Founded in 2007, NEBOT FSD is China leading Compressor Gas Seal & Systems Manufacturer. NEBOT FSD was set up by the most experience And best-in-class team in the compressor gas seal & system industry. The Experts/specialist has more than 100 years combined in the Designing, manufacturing and Servicing of gas seals and seal gas control systems.

There are three things that always been, and will always be, more important. Than anything else for NEBOT FSD : Trust, Competence and Reliability. These values are in fact a way of life that permeates every aspect of NEBOT FSD ‘s way of servicing the customers. 

NEBOT FSD timely and reliable service, stringent product inspection, in-depth engineering consulting have giving the customers a Competitive Edge in operating their mission critical compressors in Refinery and petrochemical plants. NEBOT FSD strengths lie in the Powerful synergy of the people, solutions, and commitment to Being the best.