NEW JCM successfully performs string test of SYNGAS compressor for Wulan ammonia / urea project

NEW JCM successfully conducted the ASME PTC-10 performance test as well as string test for the SYNGAS compressor
of the Wulan project. 

The Wulan project in China is Saipem’s largest ammonia / urea single line urea complex with a design capacity of 4000 mtpd urea.

NEWJCM awarded SYNGAS and CO2 compressors of this project on 23 Jan. 2015 and the SYNGAS compressor manufactured and
tested in less than a year, setting a new world record in compressor train manufacturing. CO2 Compressor train string test is expected to be in Jan 2016. 

Below the pictures of the Wulan SYNGAS compressor string test (whole train test).