Revamp/Re-engineered of GENP Syngas compressor for Coal gas Syngas Plant

In August 2016, one of the largest GENP syngas compressors (40MW rated shaft absorbed power) installed in the coal gas methanol plant in China shutdown due to the recycle stage impeller “collapsed” due to severe corrosion and causing other key components such as bearings, dry gas seals and labyrinths damaged.

Client required the compressor to be put back in operation in a shortest time possible, client and local GENP contacted New JCM and decided that NEW JCM has the best available capabilities, knowledge and experience to carry out such critical revamp job.

NEW JCM together with NEBOT Fluid Science Dynamics (Dry Gas Seal Specialist) carried the revamp and re-engineered many components such bearings and Dry gas Seals in 4 months.

The Syngas compressor put back into operations in Jan 2017.