NEW JCM String Test to meet stringent goals for 1070k TPA Urea Plant Syngas Compressor


NEW JCM possesses the state-of-the-art In-House Facilities (the only one available in China) to perform the exhaustive series of mechanical and performance tests for a world scale Urea/NH3 plant rated 40MW Syngas Gas Compressor to verify the machine performance and functionality. The nature of steam turbine and compressor demand this level of tests.

NEW JCM In-House String Test Facility is equipped to test complete train allowing the simulation of plant operating conditions, verification of performance and mechanical behaviour of the complete train/package, and to meet the customer stringent requirements.

The exhaustive String Test is to confirm the thermodynamics and mechanical performance of the steam turbine and compressor over the entire operating range in the test facility.

i.              To confirm the design solutions required for the steam turbine and compressor

ii.             The need to accurately match the many process operating conditions.

iii.            The customer desire to minimize the tuning activities at site to speed up commissioning and start-up hence
                reducing the project costs.

The testing needs and requirements is to verify that, before shipping, the complete train/package comply with client’s specifications and that they will work properly in the plant.

The String Test will be performed with both Steam Turbine and Compressor coupled together, the critical auxiliary systems are also generally installed, actual process conditions are simulated closely to actual process conditions, including gas characteristics (flows, pressures, temperatures), machine speed, power absorbed, analysing the thermodynamics, mechanical behaviour of the entire train (this includes compressor performance curves, surge limit, machinery vibration in steady state and transient conditions and efficiencies).

The NEW JCM String Test Centre will be able to perform the following tests as well;

1.     API 612 mechanical running test for steam turbine

2.     API 617 mechanical running test for compressor

3.     ASME PTC-10 Class II performance test to verify thermodynamics performance for compressor.

The String Test environment generally include the auxiliary systems such as

•       Steam turbine/compressor train

•       Process gas loop with critical auxiliary systems (throttling valve, water/gas heat exchangers, process flow measurement devices,
        safety valves etc)

•       Transfer and filling system for process gas mixtures

•       Water cooling systems

•       Instruments such as pressure, temperature and vibration probes.