NEW JCM Successfully Performed
World’s Largest CO2 Compressor / Turbine String Test
for Wulan Urea Project (4000 MTPD)


Wulan Coal Group is constructing one of the world’s largest urea plants at Inner Mongolia, China. Considering the extensive experience of NEWJCM in SYNGAS based plant compressors, the Wulan Group chose NEWJCM as the manufacturer for two of their critical compressors: SYNGAS and CO2 trains.

Both these compressors are among the most critical equipment in any Ammonia and Urea plant, and NEWJCM was the only domestic company having the necessary experience with such Mega Fertilizer’s compressors. Another advantage of NEWJCM for the client was NEWJCM’s capability of manufacturing both compressor and steam turbine which enables NEWJCM to perform the critical String Test of the Compressor Train.

String Test (or whole train test), is an optional test based on API 617, but nowadays, to minimize the installation and commissioning risks, customers demand it as a mandatory test. In this test, the whole Compressor Train operates with the contract Steam Turbine. All skid mounted equipment like couplings, gearbox, machine monitoring sensors and instruments are ALL contract equipment (Not shop owned items).

Having one of the most advanced Turbo Machinery Test Centers in Asia and a unique one in China, NEWJCM is able to conduct API 617 and API 612 run tests, ASME PTC-10-II Performance Test as well as API 613 and API 614 running tests for Gearbox and Lubrication Units.

CO2 Compressor Design Features:
NEWJCM design of CO2 compressor consists of a horizontally split LP casing with back to back design rotor (8H-6B) and a vertically split HP casing of back to back arrangement (3V-7B). 

CO2 Compressor process design data are as below:


The Steam Turbine Driver was an Extraction/Condensing type using HP steam (39 BarG) at inlet. Rated power of the turbine is 17,605 KW. 

The arrangement for this compressor is LP Casing, Steam Turbine, Gear Box, and HP Casing. 

NEWJCM CO2 compressor has some special design features which are not used by, nor exist in the design of, most other OEM. Using 3D impellers, improved internal sealing (especially in the HP casing) and a design without tie-rods in the HP casing are among the mentioned specific features. For the sealing, NEWJCM uses combined Labyrinth and Swirl Breaker as well as Honeycomb sealing between the 3rd and 4th stages. Considering the high density of the CO2 in the last stages (approximately 1/3 that of water) and high gas exciting force, special consideration is required to stabilize the rotor vibration and using this kind of advanced seals improves the rotor stability as well as the sealing efficiency.

As to the HP casing design, NEWJCM uses a design without any tie-rod or heavy bolts for the casing. This special feature appreciably facilitates and eases the disassembly / reassembly of the compressor for maintenance purposes. 

Other OEM HP Casing Design with large size bolting(Left), NEWJCM HP casing design (No large size bolt)

Wulan CO2 String Test

The Wulan Project in China is Saipem’s largest single line urea complex with a design capacity of 4,000 mtpd.

The Compressor Train String Test was conducted on 24th June 2016 at NEWJCM Turbomachinery Test Center (TTC). The String Test was carried out to study the mechanical integrity of the train as well as the dynamics behavior of the whole train. The Compressors, Steam Turbine and the Gearbox as well as all other skid mounted piping and instruments were tested together like the arrangements in the plant. 

Wualn CO2 Train mounted on Test Bed No.3: from left to right LP Casing – Steam Turbine – Gear Box – HP casing

View from the HP Compressor Side

Test started according to the approved test procedure by Owner/Engineering Company. This test procedure was prepared according to the API 617 and 612 Guidelines. Based on the test curve, first the safety devices of the steam turbine were checked (manual trip as well as remote trip from the test control room). The next step was to warm up the turbine in low speed and then raise the speed by opening the Trip and Throttle Valve (TTV). At the speed of 1800 RPM, the speed governor took over the speed control and the TTV was in fully open position. The speed had to be raised sharply to pass through the critical speeds of all rotors and reach the minimum governor speed. Then, based on API requirement, the train speed had to be raised to the trip speed and run the machine at trip speed for a minimum of 15 minutes. During the test, in normal operating speed range, the vibration should not exceed 25 Micrometer, and at abnormal condition like over-speed critical speeds, the vibration shall not exceed 37.5 Micrometer (50% higher than normal). Bearings temperature also should be lower than the alarm range and the oil return temperature should be less than 85 C.

Trip speed of the compressor train was 8839 RPM and the below figures show the machine vibration and bearing temperatures at trip speed.

Test HMI: Showing Machine Parameters at Trip Speed

During the run at trip speed, the vibration and temperature levels were better than API requirements (Maximum vibration detected was 20 Micrometer, and mostly below 15Micrometer)

After running at trip speed, the machine had to be run at Maximum Continuous Speed for another four hours. During this four-hour test, the supply oil temperature had to be varied to study the effect of oil temperatures on bearings behaviour. Again, this four-hour test passed successfully while the machine vibrations for most of the probes were below 10 Micrometer which was much better than API requirement. Generally, the machines worked smoothly in all operating speeds as well as of design condition like critical speeds and overspeed condition.

This test was witnessed by Wulan’s Engineering Company (Beijing Huafu Engineering Co. Ltd), Owner’s Third Party inspector as well as NEWJCM’s honorable guest from STAMICARBON B.V.

The Test Results were found to be absolutely satisfactory as per API and Test Procedure and it were released by inepctors for the next manufacturing step which is on-skid piping arrangement and Painting. 

For more information about NEW JCM you can visit the below site: 

NEW JCM successfully performs string test of SYNGAS compressor for Wulan ammonia / urea project

NEW JCM successfully conducted the ASME PTC-10 performance test as well as string test for the SYNGAS compressor
of the Wulan project. 

The Wulan project in China is Saipem’s largest ammonia / urea single line urea complex with a design capacity of 4000 mtpd urea.

NEWJCM awarded SYNGAS and CO2 compressors of this project on 23 Jan. 2015 and the SYNGAS compressor manufactured and
tested in less than a year, setting a new world record in compressor train manufacturing. CO2 Compressor train string test is expected to be in Jan 2016. 

Below the pictures of the Wulan SYNGAS compressor string test (whole train test).


Unrivalled experience - Our experience is reflected in our long list of record-breaking accomplishments. And, this is one of the most recent successes

Customer: Oil & Gas Development Company (Pakistan)
Project Description: Revamping of 3x MHI LP/HP Gas Compressor Trains at Qadipur

OGDCL is the national oil & gas company of Pakistan and the flagship of the country’s E&P sector. The Company is the local market leader in terms of reserves, production and acreage, and is listed on all three stock exchanges in Pakistan and also on the London Stock Exchange since December 2006. The Company is all set to ride the wave of E&P activity, equipped with its Vision & Mission, Business and Strategic Plan, a debt-free and robust balance sheet and healthy cash reserves. The Company is ready to take on the challenges of a volatile E&P industry.

In 2010, NEW JCM was invited to participate in one of the most significant Turbo-machinery revamp job in Pakistan – involving 3x trains of LP/HP MHI 5V-6+5V-6 compressors. NEW JCM has proven to be a technology leader when it comes reducing the total cost of ownership, our optimum performance proposal For upgrading the 3x trains has impressed OGDC (Oil & Gas Development Company (Pakistan) ) rotating team and their engineering consulting company (ENAR). All the 3x trains to be shipped to NEW JCM Jinzhou state-of-the-art facilities for Revamp. Once again, NEW JCM has proven itself as a technology and service leader in the compressor industry where we won against other international players.

The scopes include complete feasibility and engineering studies, re-rating of the compressors to meet new site operating conditions, carry out mechanical running test and PTC-10 class II performance tests. The control system for dry gas seal to be upgraded. The revamp, upgrade to be carried out according to AP617 standards. The 3x trains to be revamped and upgraded in 11 months to meet the gas production requirements in Pakistan.



Unrivalled experience - Our experience is reflected in our long list of record-breaking accomplishments. And, this is one of the most recent successes 

Customer: Shandong Ruixing Chemical Co., Ltd
Project Description: 450KT/Y Synthesis Ammonia Plant & 800KT/Y Urea Plant

Shandong Ruising Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chemical enterprises. Located in known as "diversion hub" of the Dongping Lake River, east Wuyueonly use the Taishan, Qufu, birth place of Confucius south, west, the world-famous Liangshanarea of 150 hectares, the total assets 10 Billion RMB, 2800 employees people, the company's member units of the main fertilizer companies, 
pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, Thermo Electron, chemical installation companies, chemical research institute, new technology development companies, etc.: The main products are urea, starch, glucose, methanol, glycerin, Uzbekistan Lotto products, stearic acid and a variety of fields, leather, paper making additives.Company is a state-level key high-tech enterprise, Shandong high-tech enterprises, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, QinghuaUniversity, Zhejiang University of Technology, Shandong University, Shandong Agricultural University and other famous institutions, scientific research institutions to maintain close cooperation and stability, commitment, "95, 10 five "research programs and the" 863 "project 6, technology rich in natural resources, scientific research strength, advanced technological equipment, perfect testing methods, quality assurance system is sound, has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and GMP certification, product quality stable and reliable.

As one of leading manufacturer plant in Shandong, Ruixing covers the fields from Chem. indust. to Pharmaceutical intermediated and have the high reputation among clients. We have 7 plants and 1 trading company in our group. Shandong Ruixing Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong XiangRui 
PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd. Shandong Runyin Biochemical, Shandong Ruixing group int'l co., Ltd. Our highly professional technicians are conversant with ISO, GMP and HACCP standards, and can thereby ensure consistent quality and reliability for every product.

Unit Type 
Casing Type 
Gas composition 
Fresh gas flow 
Recycle gas flow
Inlet pressure 
Outlet pressure 

Unit Type 
Steam Pressure 
Rated power 
Normal speed 
Suction pressure 
Suction volume 

Unit Type 
Casing Type 
Gas composition 
Inlet pressure 
Outlet pressure 

Unit type 

Steam Pressure 
Rated power 
Normal speed 
Suction pressure 
Suction volume 
Gas injection pressure 
Gas injection flow 

Unit Type  
Input speed 
Output speed 

Unit type 
Rated power 
Normal speed 
Steam consumption 

Syngas Compressor 5V-8B+5V-9S
Double casings and four segments, vertical split.
H2 78%; N2 19%; Ar 1%; NH3 2%

890000 Nm3/H

16.7 MPaA

6EH-7 HP Extraction condensing steam turbine for Syngas
9.8 MPaA
4.0 MPaA


6V-7B+4V-6 CO2 Compressor
Double casings and four segments, vertical split
CO2 98%; Ar 1% ; Air 1%
15.1 MPaA
LP casing 8600RPM; HP casing 13700RPM

6EMXL-7 MP Extraction condensing steam turbine for CO2
4.0 MPaA

1.6 MPaA
0.35 MPaA

5HG1 parallel shaft – Gear Box
5 stage

6CL-8 MP full condensing turbine for NH3


The result of more than half a century of design and manufacturing expertise, our compressors have established an outstanding record for performance, efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance in the most demanding upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. We have approximately 1000 operating units - including centrifuge compressors & steam Turbines. Each NEW JCM unit is manufactured to stringent specifications - including ISO 9001 - instate-of-the-art facilities.




Customer: Shanxi FuYu Chemical Co.,Ltd
Project Description: 200KT/Y Methanol plant -
CTM, Coal-to-Methanol

Shanxi Fuyu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Is the subsidiary company to Shanxi Liansheng energy Co.,Ltd. The latter was established in 2002 as a private company with total assets >USD1billion. Its predecessor is Xing Wu Coal Mine (State owned). Present number of employees is > 10,000, . The industry production value in 2009 is USD1.2 billion, the realized profit is USD0.5 billion and the paid taxes & fees is USD0.35 billion.

Unit Type 
Casing Type 
Sygas composition 
Recycle gas 

Fresh syngas inlet flow 
Fresh syngas inlet pressure 
Fresh syngas discharge pressure
Syngas inlet temperature 
Syngas discharge temperature 
Recycle gas inlet flow 
Recycle gas inlet pressure 
Recycle gas discharge pressure 
Recycle gas inlet temperature 

Unit Type 
Inlet pressure 
Inlet temperature 
Discharge pressure 
Discharge temperature 
Steam consumption 

4V-9S Syngas/Recycle compressor
Signal casings and three segments, vertical split.
H2 71.68%; N2 2.98%; CO 16.46% ; CO2 7.77%
CH4 0.1%; H2O 0.35% H2 74.9%; N2 10.8%; CO 5.1%; CO2 6.3% CH4 0.1%; H2O 0.5%
88591Nm3/H dry 88902 Nm3/H wet Normal

2.1 Mpa (A)
6.1 Mpa (A)
60-75 °C
398655 Nm3/H
5.6 Mpa (A)
6.1 Mpa (A)
49 °C
10278 rpm

5CL-6, Steam Turbine
390 °C
54 °C
30.429 t/h
10278 rpm
6363 KW


The result of more than half a century of design and manufacturing expertise, our compressors have established an outstanding record for performance, efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance in the most demanding upstream, midstream, and downstream applications. We have approximately 1000 operating units - including centrifuge compressors & steam Turbines. Each NEW JCM unit is manufactured to stringent specifications - including ISO 9001 - instate-of-the-art facilities.